indicia - Imprinted designation on mail that denotes postage payment (e.g., permit imprint).

Glossary of postal terms. 2014.

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  • indicia — in·di·cia /in di shē ə/ n pl [Latin, plural of indicium sign, from indicare to point out]: distinctive indications indicia of reliability Merriam Webster’s Dictionary of Law. Merriam Webster. 1996 …   Law dictionary

  • Indicia — has a number of meanings:In postage, indicia are markings on a mail piece showing that postage has been paid by the sender. Postage stamps, meter marks, and FIM (facing identification marks) bars are considered indicia by the Postal Service.In… …   Wikipedia

  • Indicia — In*di ci*a, n. pl. [L., pl. of indicium, fr. index an index.] (Law) Discriminating marks; signs; tokens; indications; appearances. Burrill. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • indicia — indications, Latin plural of indicium information, disclosure, discovery, from index (gen. indicis); see INDEX (Cf. index) …   Etymology dictionary

  • indicia — [in dish′ə, in dish′ē ə] pl.n. sing. indicium [in dish′əm] [L, pl. of indicium, a notice, information < index (gen. indicis): see INDEX] 1. characteristic marks or tokens ☆ 2. printed designs or legends on mail or on a mailing label, as for… …   English World dictionary

  • indicia — noun a) Distinctive markings; indications. Harry Potter names, characters and related indicia are copyright and trademark Warner Bros. © 2000. Front matter, हैरी पॉटर और पारस पत्थर, Hindi translation of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone by …   Wiktionary

  • indicia — /indis(hXi)ya/ Signs; indications. Circumstances which point to the existence of a given fact as probable, but not certain. For example, indicia of partnership are any circumstances which would induce the belief that a given person was in reality …   Black's law dictionary

  • indicia — 1 distinguishing or identificatory marks. 2 signs, indications. Etymology: pl. of L indicium (as INDEX) * * * indicia plural of indicium …   Useful english dictionary

  • indicia — noun plural Etymology: Latin, plural of indicium sign, from indicare Date: circa 1626 1. distinctive marks ; indications 2. postal markings often imprinted on mail or on labels to be affixed to mail …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • indicia — /in dish ee euh/,, sing. indicium. 1. a postal marking used rather than a stamp or a regular cancellation on each item in a large shipment of prepaid mail. 2. Often, indicium. a. a printed message or instruction, esp. one stamped on a… …   Universalium

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